The Notebooks
by Josée Fiset

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The open-faced sandwiches
Brunch at the office

The Harvest

Sometimes the distance separating the pitchfork from the fork is far. We’ve seen children who have no idea from what vegetable french fries are made. However, I recall meeting a young man from Pointe-aux-Outardes who described in great detail the utter perfection of his favourite potato, the Brise du Nord, a red potato from his region into which he would slash a cross to allow a small piece of butter to melt into the centre. To remember that fruit and vegetables do not grow in supermarkets, fall conveniently arrives. Stalls in public markets bear the weight of a ton of apples from our orchards and turnips compete for visibility with the leeks, peppers, tomatoes and cabbages. If farmers’ markets shorten the chain from earth to table, trips to the farm practically eliminate it. When we go to the fields, to terra firma, we can better understand how food is produced and can associate the proud faces with the foods that we discover or that we prefer. Getting up on our tiptoes to fill a basket of fresh Jersey Macs and getting down on our knees before a strawberry plant truly changes our relationship with food.

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The medium Buckwheat pancakes and grilled salt pork from my family’s farm The set-up The perfect imperfect table, according to Elisheva The question Have You Ever Wondered…


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The coming together Wheat harvest happiness The sharing A unique jam maker The discovery The muffin that didn’t see itself as a cupcake