The Notebooks
by Josée Fiset

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Close your eyes and think “brunch.” What do you see?

A gauntlet of food covering a table or two, probably in a restaurant, probably on a Sunday, probably crowded with just enough people to ensure the good stuff is gone before you even get to the line up or have chugged your first mocha latte? Perish the thought.Brunch is anything you want it to be, anytime you feel like it. It can be simple, without pretention and served up in minutes, or as lavish enough to make royalty blush. There’s only one golden rule: It’s got to be beyond delicious.

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The medium The medium The set-up Brunch by numbers The question Have You Ever Wondered…


The method dark chocolate braided brioche The leftovers maple bread pudding


The coming together The coming together The sharing What the stomach desires The discovery Le petit coco