The Notebooks
by Josée Fiset

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NO. 05. Springtime in September


These three fundamental principles are the driving force behind this lively series of notebooks by Josée Fiset, Co-founder and spokesperson for Première Moisson. For this joyful and dynamic epicurean, breads, pastries and deli products, as well as prepared foods, will always be delicious pretexts to bring together the gourmets that we are to enjoy real and ethical culinary creations. Go ahead and walk through the looking glass of your passions. Now there’s the ultimate, tantalizing invitation!

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NO. 05.

Springtime in September

My birthday is in early September, so autumn has always been my springtime: I feel reborn in the fall. The air is crisp, the light raw and golden. My memories of past back- to-school seasons are imprinted with colours, flavours and, especially, smells that bring me back...

NO. 04.

The picnic

Can you think of anywhere else on earth where people are as euphoric as Quebecers at the first signs of spring – Itʼs our way of basking in the sunʼs presence, a reunion with the familiar face of someone weʼve missed. So, hereʼs a toast to the picnic – that elegant, leisurely form of springtime merriment!

NO. 03.

Idleness and Indulgence

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Sometimes – often, even – the holidays feel like a marathon: get dressed up, go to your parents’, drink, dance, sleep, meet friends for brunch, drink again, sing carols, eat and, for a change, eat some more. Between drinks and yule logs, to keep your eyes from getting bloodshot and your buttons from popping, it’s a good idea to save some bits of time for a little mindful breathing. It’s a vacation after all! It’s time to indulge in dolce far niente, Italian for the sweetness of doing nothing, even if it’s no longer time to do it outdoors, lying under a tree. I’m not talking about pointless, unending passivity, but rather time-limited idleness you choose to wallow in and that refreshes you. As someone who aims to milk joy out of every minute, to find it within each obligation, I propose we all make time to take time.

NO. 02.

The Harvest

Printed booklet's preview are available in French and English in all Première Moisson stores. Hurry, quantities are limited.

Sometimes the distance separating the pitchfork from the fork is far. We’ve seen children who have no idea from what vegetable french fries are made. However, I recall meeting a young man from Pointe-aux-Outardes who described in great detail the utter perfection of his favourite potato, the Brise du Nord, a red potato from his region into which he would slash a cross to allow a small piece of butter to melt into the centre. To remember that fruit and vegetables do not grow in supermarkets, fall conveniently arrives. Stalls in public markets bear the weight of a ton of apples from our orchards and turnips compete for visibility with the leeks, peppers, tomatoes and cabbages. If farmers’ markets shorten the chain from earth to table, trips to the farm practically eliminate it.

NO. 01.


Printed booklet's preview are available in French and English in all Première Moisson stores. Hurry, quantities are limited.

Close your eyes and think “brunch.” What do you see? A gauntlet of food covering a table or two, probably in a restaurant, probably on a Sunday, probably crowded with just enough people to ensure the good stuff is gone before you even get to the line up or have chugged your first mocha latte? Perish the thought.Brunch is anything you want it to be, anytime you feel like it. It can be simple, without pretention and served up in minutes, or as lavish enough to make royalty blush. There’s only one golden rule: It’s got to be beyond delicious.


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