The Notebooks
by Josée Fiset

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how this notebook came to be

Why green? For pistachio flavour! For the green of delicious macarons. Sure, you can enjoy them any time of year, but they’re even more appealing in spring, when nature takes out her extensive palette of greens, splashes them around and brings them to life right before our eyes: the tender green of grass awakening after months of deep hibernation, the green of crocus leaves peeping out from old snow, the green of the buds on trees warming in the sun until they are ready to burst from their sheaths, the green of olives nibbled in springtime aperitifs, the green of limes being cheerfully squeezed onto lettuce greens, the green of mint adding freshness to cucumber green, the green of asparagus dressed with basil green, the sparkling green of lemonade fizzing behind bottle-green glass, the lush green of kiwi that makes your mouth water, the green of a crisp, juicy apple that crunches beneath your teeth. So many glorious shades of green! I would never have dreamed that one of the colours of macarons, those small, round, delicious wonders, would set the tone for our whole springtime Notebook! But I also know that macarons’ irresistible crisp and chewy combination is the perfect way to end your next picnic with a little panache.


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