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by Josée Fiset

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oven-fried potato wedges

Really good fries have the power to bring us to the gates of paradise. Bad ones? To hell, unquestionably. But is there a way to get anywhere near such an elevated goal without frying? I think there is. And here it is.

Preparation : 5 minutes

Baking : 25 minutes



1. Preheat oven to 375ºF (190ºC).

2. Arrange the potato wedges on a large baking sheet and evenly coat with the olive oil. Sprinkle with the fresh herbs and season with salt and pepper. Mettre les quartiers de pommes de terre dans une grande plaque de cuisson et bien les enrober d’huile d’olive. Parsemer de fines herbes. Saler et poivrer.

3. Bake the potatoes in centre of the oven until tender, flipping them halfway through cooking time, about 25 minutes. Squeeze lemon wedges over potatoes, if desired, and serve immediately.


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