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by Josée Fiset

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Have You Ever Wondered...

…why a sandwich is called a sandwich?

It’s reputed to have started in an English port that was then called Sandwicæ, meaning “sandy harbour,” where there lived an Earl who was too busy to stop for a proper meal. So he would get whatever was at hand put between two slices of bread: bacon perhaps, arugula, cheese, sardines, pickles, sauerkraut, an egg, bologna, butter if there was any. Because in this classic, anything and everything can go together. The sandwich can take countless forms and can be eaten anywhere, anytime. It should also be noted that the Earl of Sandwich liked to gamble, and he found it practical to be able to satisfy his hunger without having to take his eyes off the game or dirtying his fingers. But, just between you and me, it’s pretty hard to believe this Earl was really the first to have such an obvious idea!


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